My career as a graphic designer began in publishing and quickly evolved as a freelance designer working with ad agencies, small design studios and the nonprofit community. My passion for art and desire to enrich my career led to working with inspired professionals in the design community and developed a practical approach to business and project management. With genuine curiosity and a collaborative nature I seek the opportunity to provide what I know best, creative support. It takes many forms and includes equal parts research, planning, brainstorming and production. As an illustrator I rely on similar sensibilities to create my drawings and simple animations. Most recently I combined my illustration skills with a bit of storytelling to create a short graphic novella titled Piney Stump, which was part of this year's Chicago Artists Month. Details of that live event can be found at The Legend of Piney Stump. In the meantime I continue to manage my design business from my studio on the southwest side of the city and can often be found in the local parks perfecting the art of dog walking.