Jeanne Nemcek is a Chicago-based illustrator and graphic designer with a prolific career developing print and digital communications for the healthcare industry, educational and arts organizations, small business and individuals. Managing a freelance design business, Jeanne established a reputation for dependable, collaborative skill and practical project management. With additional background in photography, music and writing she incorporates a range of experience to provide creative and administrative support in the arts and business communities. As an artist, Jeanne has recently begun exploring animation through her illustration. With an affinity for intricate patterns, composition, bold colors and a bit of storytelling she is working on and shares a collection of drawings that prove to be a great challenge and constant work in progress. A native Chicagoan, Jeanne embraces all the resources the city has to offer for inspiration and sport including as a resident of the southwest side, banking airplanes to and from Midway airport. When not in the studio, she pursues the latest art exhibitions, volunteers at music events, swims, gardens and whenever possible grabs her dog for a stroll along the beautiful lakefront.